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Casa - Refugi  (2024)

Printed silk, silk, repurposed textiles and rope, cotton thread, embroidery, dried florals
(1400 x 1400 x 2200 mm)

Casa-Refugi (home-shelter in Catalan) is an installation resembling a textile refuge, delving into the intricate bonds between individuals and their surroundings, whether tangible or unseen, where the notion of self extends into the interconnected fabric of communal existence. Emphasising (in)materiality, assemblage and everyday documentary photography, inhabiting evolves into embodiment through the poetics of landscapes.
Featuring a poem from collaborator Martina Zuccaro, the installation provides an immersive place for encounter, inviting a reconsideration of perspectives.

The work was presented as part of Interwoven,
an exhibition by The ARTL–NE for Melbourne Design Week 2024, curated alongside Marsha Golemac.

Exhibition photography by Lillie Thompson